Sunday, September 20, 2009


She is still waking up multiple times in the night. (Last night was rough. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a while because it was easier than getting in and out of bed. My bed is about 3 inches too tall for me to get in and out comfortably.) I think she is so stuffy she cannot breathe. She sleeps fine from 7:30 (yay new bedtime that makes sleep easier!) until about midnight. Then she starts in with the every hour or so crying. Last night I finally suctioned her nose at about 4, and she went to sleep after that, until 6:15. No dear, you cannot get up at 6. I went in and sat with her for a minute, then put her back down and she seemed to understand that it wasn't time to get up and went back to sleep until 7. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and probably take her in. I think she might have a sinus infection or something causing the stuffiness. She gets really upset when I suction her nose and starts rubbing violently at her eyes.
In other Claire news, she has started being able to sit on her own. I feel kind of bad because I know she did it for a few days before I even really noticed that she was doing it. I saw it, but it didn't register that it was a new thing. She is also becoming more confident with standing, and will let go of whatever she is holding and lean against things. This results in more crashes, but you can't learn to walk without falling down. She has also learned to fall on her bum, instead of her face. She is seeming to start to recognize when we tell her not to do something, like play with the TV or the cords on the computer or whatever. She still does it, but she looks at us and smiles mischievously first. Otherwise, she is a crawling fool and just goes everywhere!

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Shannon said...

Bummer about Claire still not sleeping well. Hopefully the doctor will be able to give you an answer (aka what to do) and not just a "oh it's a cold. She'll get over it" kind of thing.

When I'm up in the night a lot I usually sleep on the couch too. Unfortunately with Sammie in the den I feel like I can't really do that right now.

Woohoo for Claire sitting on her own. She's strong. I'm not surprised. I bet she's an early walker. We should get together this week.