Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mama called the doctor, the doctor said....

Nothing helpful really. Yesterday I took Claire to the doctor about the stuffiness and non-sleeping. She checked her ears- they are fine. She checked her nose- looks okay. She checked for teeth- nothing. I told her about how Claire gets stuffy when my allergies act up and she said it is very very rare for children to get seasonal allergies before school. She said it could be a pet allergy, but that would be constant and not just at night. She said it may be that she is just drying out because of the weather changing- run a humidifier, saline in the nose (which we have been doing but hasn't seemed to help)- and that she is waking up because she is stuffy, then she is experiencing separation anxiety. So her advice was to just let her cry a minute and see if she will go back to sleep. It wasn't a complete waste of a trip though. Claire got her flu shot, which I learned needs a booster when it is their first year, so I'm kind of glad I brought it up instead of waiting until November, and I changed her November appt to a day when I don't have Jocee anyway. It was frustrating that she didn't have any more help though. But she said Claire probably isn't sick, so that's good I guess.
So last night we didn't turn the baby monitor on, I just left the doors open, that way a major cry I would hear but the minor ones wouldn't bug me. She actually only cried three times- once when we were still up, again around midnight, and again around 3. But I didn't get out of bed for the midnight one and just peeked in on her at 3 and she was fine. So maybe that is all it is. It's still frustrating. Though I guess she could have been a little cold too. I put her back in the sleep sack last night too. So maybe that helped. Who knows. I just hope she sleeps well again tonight. We've moved her bedtime to 7:30, which helps with her going down. She goes right to sleep again. But now she is wanting to get up around 6:30. I usually just leave her in there and let her play until she starts really screaming. I don't want her up that early. Some days I like to sleep in too.

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Shannon said...

Well I guess it's good that she's not sick, but it's always nice to leave with a solution when you go to the doctor. Oh well. I'm glad she did better last night. I have used the turn off the monitor trick too. I also started putting the kids in fuzzy jammies this week. It's getting colder at night. I am loving this weather though.