Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lots of pictures

Some random pictures.

Me and my cute baby girl. I can't believe she is almost a year old. Where did the time go?

My new freezer, filled almost to capacity. I am loving it.

The freezer with my fridge. It is a little empty now, but I have plans....

My very full at the moment fridge. I also love how much my fridge holds. I have to remember to cut up that celery and peppers tomorrow.

While I was making lunch today, Claire was very quiet. I walked over to see what she was doing. Unbuilding the tower of VHS tapes of course. When I asked what she was doing, she held up that red ball, apparently trying to say that she was looking for this.

My pantry, much cleaner and neater and organized.

Another part of my pantry. I had to reorganize. The dogs now get two shelves. See my pretty new mixer? Ooh, ahh. I loves it.

And this is my new food storage area in the garage. The buckets are wheats and sugar.

Oh the baby food tub. Being on WIC is helpful, but I'm glad Claire will be one soon and get real food instead of baby food. Because honestly, she just doesn't eat that much baby food. I'm actually giving away a few boxes of cereal because they give her three boxes of cereal a month. Does anyone's kid eat that much baby cereal in a month? The rest of the cereals will last at least until baby boy is eating. The same with the baby food. I am optimistically assuming that we will no longer be on WIC with baby 2, since Alann will be done with school and have a job.

Another of me and my cute girl.

We had spaghetti for dinner tonight. I think she liked it.

She loves to try to feed herself. She isn't very good at the utensils yet, but she gets an A for effort.


This is just a picture of her in her cute jammies. I couldn't not share it. Look how cute she is! (Yeah, I am biased.)

Helping Daddy work on the bathroom.

This is a weird knitted clown doll my biological Grandmother made for Claire. She sent three. Claire actually does carry it around.

This was at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I gave her one of those individual-size boxes of Rice krispies to eat, and she was having trouble, so I took the bag out and put the cereal in just the box. Then Grandma put it in a tupperware. Chaos ensued.

At least she was helping clean it up, a little.

In other news, I got my car back today. But it isn't fixed yet. It spent two days at the shop and they had to order another part that won't be in until next week. So they put it back together for me. I'm a little upset it is taking so long, but I guess that is the way it goes sometimes. They think it is the control switch relay that isn't feeding power to the motor. So we are waiting for a new one. I'm hoping this is what the problem is, because it means I take the car in, they snap the new piece on, and I leave. But I do want them to tighten my emergency brake. It doesn't work so well. (Probably because I have a tendency to back out of the driveway with it up. Oops.) So it will take a little bit of time. But Claire and I can go over to the library while we wait. We might get some rain tonight, so I am waiting for Alann to come home so we can cover the moonroof. Crossing fingers for a fully functioning moon roof in the next week.

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Teene said...

I love all the new pictures! Fridge, Pantry, and Freezer are lookin good!