Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it

Our wonderful neighbor came out and snaked the washing machine drain for us. He did hit something, pushed most of it through, pulled a little out. He must have snaked it 10 times or so. But it seems to be working. Once he left, I finished washing the load that was sitting in the washing machine. Luckily, it was diapers, so all the extra rinses didn't really hurt them at all. I think I did find the unfortunate cause of the problem though. See, we've been lazy. And lazy plus an inquisitive one-year-old is not a good combination. In Claire's bedroom, we have two diaper pails- the open top one for cloth (since we use it more and the stink would pile up otherwise), and the usually closed and bagged one for disposables. This week, we have been lazy and haven't put a bag in for the disposables, so we have just left the top off. At some point, one of the disposable diapers ended up in the cloth diaper pail. It could have been any of us- my pregnant brain, Alann being distracted by Claire trying to roll off the table (which she seems to do more with him, or at least he gives her a stern talking to about it more), or Claire pulled it out of the right pail and put it in the other. My money is on the little one. She is enthralled with the pail and always tries to get the lid off. I don't know why. It stinks something fierce no matter what I try. (And I've tried it- baking soda, vinegar, both, cleaners. Nothing takes it away. I am just resigned to the fact that it is because we only need to empty it once a week.) So my guess is she saw there was no lid, ran over, grabbed a diaper, and then one of us caught her but didn't realize she put it back in the wrong place, or she did it when we weren't in the room and was just rearranging. She likes to rearrange things.
On top of all that, the really gross part was I think the disposable diaper in the washer was a poopy one. That, or we also didn't rinse one of her diapers thoroughly. Because there were chunks. For the most part, it all breaks up and goes away. (We usually rinse the soil into the toilet before putting them in the pail. Anything that is left the washer takes care of.) But every now and then, I find recognizable pieces of food. And that is the absolute worst thing about cloth diapers. Everything else I can deal with. But having to clean pieces of food out of the washer or the supposedly clean diapers really grosses me out. Now it can gross you out too. Or you can be thankful that you are just throwing human waste straight into the earth, since you probably don't shake out the soil into the toilet like you are supposed to. No judgment from me- I don't do it either usually.
So hopefully, the washer is resolved. Dan is going to come snake the rest of our slow-running drains sometime soon as well. That will be nice. Then I can just buy him some dinner or something instead of paying someone on the clock a ridiculous amount of money to do it. He did say that the pressure regulating valve that the plumber sold us is a good idea, so I feel a little better about that.

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Shannon said...

I'm glad that it's working. That Dan sure is a life saver. Also, poop in the washer is gross. Thanks for sharing. I have ended up with a few pull-ups or diapers going through the washing machine. It's so icky and leaves chunks of the absorbent stuff all over everything. No fun.