Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That silly girl, and stupid washing machines

Claire today was being REALLY weird about eating. I understand, she is cutting teeth. It makes it hard to eat. But she is just being silly. For breakfast, she would only eat if she could use the fork. I don't care if she uses the fork or not, but I am afraid she is going to poke herself with it. I need to get some baby forks I guess. She ended up eating a bunch of eggs and toast and even potato, as long as it was stuck on the fork. Then for lunch, she didn't want to sit in her high chair. At all. Even when I tried to feed her with the fork she didn't want it. She wanted to sit on Daddy's lap. So we got out her booster seat and an extra chair, and she was totally happy sitting in her booster seat like a "big people". She didn't even care about the fork. We had leftover spaghetti noodles turned into chinese-type fried noodles. It was actually pretty good. Claire just ate straight out of her bowl, so happy to be one of us. Then for dinner, she sat at the table with us again, and wouldn't eat unless she had a fork. But then she ate a good amount of food anyway, so I was happy. I don't mind if she sits at the table with us, but we need to move the little cart out of the way and make room to push her high chair in at the end of the table. Having three of us along one side doesn't really work out that well.

Now for the washing machine. It's being bad again. In 2008 (I looked it up on my blog), we had issues with the washer leaking. Those issues turned out to be mostly the supply valves. Well, now the water is backing up and leaking on the floor again. This has happened before and been diagnosed as 1) a drain problem, and 2) a bad clutch on the machine. The supplies were replaced, drain was snaked and the clutch replaced. It hasn't acted up again since then, even with our nearly one load a day habit. Our neighbor is coming out tomorrow to snake it for us again. Hopefully, that will fix it, at least until we sell. I am a little concerned because I used some Draino on it about a month ago when it did it the first time, and it seemed to work again. When we had a plumber out in November, he suggested we have the pipes augered before they clogged, because we have slow drains. He suggested that if we do that, it should help. I just really don't want to spend the money to have it done. I don't think it is covered by our home warranty. In fact, I am pretty certain it isn't. So it would be totally out of pocket. And really, what's another 8 months than it is someone else's problem, right? (That's an awful attitude and I'm really trying not to have it.) I don't even know how much it would cost. But I am getting tired of the washer backing up. I had three loads of laundry scheduled for today. I got exactly none done. And since the laundry room is torn up, I haven't felt exactly motivated to clean the rest of the house. I guess that is what I will be doing tomorrow. If I can keep my hands off my new phone long enough anyway. =) My phone is pretty awesome. So far, I am happy with it. I spent most of the evening playing with it. Then I turned it off because I was starting to feel a little cross-eyed. AND, the best part is, it's a touchscreen, and I was able to set a pattern lock on it, so that baby can't unlock it!


Shannon said...

Ooh fun new phone! That's always exciting. Bummer about the washing machine issues though. Plumbing problems are the worst. I can attest. I'm impressed that Claire is such a good eater. What is wrong with my children? Ok, it's probably my fault since I'm a somewhat picky eater.

robbie said...

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