Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lots of pictures for Grandma J

Since one of my goals this year is to take more pictures, I will also be POSTING lots more pictures. I know I promised birthday pics, but that is scheduled to go up tomorrow or the next day. (I haven't written it yet, so I don't know what day I will put it up.)
On with the show!

Sitting at Daddy's desk, coloring. (No, she didn't draw most of that. Trust me, I would brag about my genius kid if she did. Her coloring is still mostly faint lines, but she likes to do it.)

Sweet little baby face.

This was her "Boo" day, as in Boo from Monsters Inc. This was the first day I put her hair in double pigs. I thought she just looked so cute. Other than that "what the heck are you doing to me?" look on her face.

This is my birthday girl on her birthday! She is such a little mimic. She is mimicking my stance when I took this picture. (Funny side story- the other night Alann gave Claire a bite of ice cream. She spit it out for unknown reasons (I think the cold is hurting her teeth right now). She went to pick it up but I told her I would. I picked it up and tossed it in the trash behind me. We went and sat on the couch and ate our ice cream, with Alann sharing with Claire. He got a spot on the floor. Claire suddenly bent down, "picked" it up, and walked into the kitchen. She did this a few times before we figured out she was "throwing the ice cream away" like she had seen me do. It was hilarious.)

You can just see her little spot of tooth peeking through on this one. Her teeth are much bigger now, at least the top two. The bottom one is still pretty shy and small. I think it might be waiting for it's partner before it grows in all the way.

I don't know what this face is about, but I thought it was funny. I've taught her how to say Ahh and open her mouth real wide (invaluable for brushing teeth).

Just my little cutie.

Here she is working with Daddy. She liked playing with my old laptop for a few days, then she realized it didn't do anything and doesn't want it anymore.

I took these things into her room to put in the laundry. She found them and wanted to wear them. (Look more teeth!)

This is where I find her most days when I go to get her out of her bed. (Only without the hat and mittens.)

This is actually Alann's birthday cake. He wanted strawberry cake with strawberry icing, shaped like a strawberry. Two out of three ain't bad. He expected me to buy a boxed strawberry cake. I had other things in mind. I made a yellow cake that I had with some strawberry puree and red food coloring. Then I sliced the layers in half, put strawberry puree in between, and iced it with strawberry flavored icing (homemade). It actually turned out pretty good. The icing was a bit off- too much liquid, not enough sugar- but it was tasty.

Aww pretty.

This was the day after her birthday party. I had just gotten her up and went to wash my hands. I came out and found her going through all of her presents.

So cute! I love that she put that necklace on by herself. I'm not sure where the necklace went to. I'm sure the cat batted it somewhere.

"Claire, why are you under the table??"

Oh, you are chasing the kitty. Poor cat is running out of places to hide from her.

Playing with Tanner. They both love it. She was screaming and laughing and having a grand old time. He is getting better about her. He hasn't growled in a while. They play together every few days and he lets her pet him. I always thought he would be the best animal with kids, but he is entering his grumpy old man phase of his life I guess. Or maybe he just needs more time to get used to the fact that this kid can do something other than pull his hair and drool on him now.

Nice doggie!

Learning to use our new teeth! She is getting better at taking bites of things.

Ignore the giant red mark on her forehead. She fell down. But she loves pizza!

I either have a budding chef on my hands, or a holy terror. I'm not sure which. She can now reach into the utensil drawer, and loves to pull things out. Usually she picks one and just walks around with it. (My pasta spoon was in the office for a few days.) She's also figured out she can open the baking cabinet, the pan cabinet, the plastics drawer, the towel drawer, and recently the lazy susan cabinet (though that still pinches her fingers a lot). She also loves to pull the strainers off the cart and look through them. It still fascinates her that she can see through them. It makes me laugh. What doesn't make me laugh is when she pulls the cooling racks out and stands on them. I don't know why that is so much fun. But at least she is occupied and it lets me cook. And most of the time I can get her to pick up all the toys, I mean utensils, and put them back when she is done.

And last but not least, my little TV girl. She knows which remotes operate the Fraggles (the dvd player). She will bring them to you if she can get them in her little hands. We are trying to keep them up out of the way so she can't lose them. We recently had to turn off the front panel on the TV, because she would play with the volume or turn it on and off, so if we lose the remote we will be out of luck.

She is saying more words recently. She says "ta da!" which is way cute. And she also says "done" when she is done eating, while signing it (touchdown!). It's pretty funny. She is still teething. Ugh. It's on and off and hard to tell when I need to give her pain meds until it is usually too late. Then she doesn't want to eat because her head hurts. I don't want to just medicate her all the time, but I don't want her to hurt and not eat. So I don't know what to do. She has also figured out how to grind her teeth together, and that makes me crazy! Luckily she doesn't do it often and can usually be distracted away from it. She mostly teethes on her sippy cups, which isn't great at all. She has soft lids. So they break if she chews too viciously on them. We have her mostly transitioned over to milk. I try to give her formula once or twice a day at most, usually depending on how much she has eaten. I told myself I have opened my last can (for a while anyway). I want to get her weaned off the formula entirely. But she is so finicky about eating real food. One day she loves grapes and can't get enough, the next day she won't touch them. She really doesn't eat meat. She ate about 5 bites of shredded chicken one day last week, and that is the most meat she has had ever in her life. Bread is an on again off again thing as well. Some days she likes it and some days she doesn't. But again, she is teething, so her mouth hurts, so I can understand. But it is frustrating when she tells me she is done and all she did was throw food on the floor. I know her caloric needs are low at the moment, but I assume she needs more than 3 grapes and 2 chex throughout the day. She is also pretty good at a straw these days. It took about 3 days of use, but she can use her water cup without spilling any. I said she CAN do it, not that she does. She still just likes the experience of drinking through a straw, so if she drinks her fill, but there is still water in the cup, she keeps sucking it up and letting it run out of her mouth. I usually put just a little bit of water in her cup at a time to keep her from mopping the floor.

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