Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alex is here!

We are so happy to have Alex here. The birth went well. It was much smoother than Claire's, even though I was induced, which I was unsure about. I went into the doctor's office Monday morning for some checks- amniotic fluid levels, fetal monitoring, and general checkup. Everything was looking fine, but I had actually dilated to 2! Woot. The doc called over to labor and delivery (his office is at the hospital) and they had room, so he asked if I wanted to be induced now instead of Tuesday. Since Alann had strongly hinted that it would be okay if I was induced early, I said sure. I got checked in, then did all the prep work and the doc came over and ruptured the membrane and started pitocin. That all happened around 11am. Things progressed slowly for a while. I got an epidural at some point. I forget when. In the afternoon I think. This anesthesiologist was much better than the one I had last time. This guy offered to give me a lower dose so my legs wouldn't be as numb. I still couldn't walk, but I could move them. It was GREAT! It was the perfect dose. He did give us the option of him coming back to up the dose, or I could get just a little more when I needed it by pushing a button. We pushed the button just twice. Otherwise the low dose was great. It was the perfect amount. And he was really a nice guy. He came by and checked on me a few times, came by the following morning to make sure I was doing okay. I never saw the last guy after he put the epidural in. By 8 pm, I had progressed to 5 cms. Dr Nichols said we should have a baby by midnight. By 8:40, I was feeling really awful. The nurse came in and checked me. I had zoomed up to an 8, which is why I was feeling so bad. Another 30 minutes, and I was at 10 and ready to push. We pushed a few times and got Alex in a much lower station. Then the waiting game began. The nurse said "this is the part where with a second baby you put your legs together and don't move. The doctor will be here soon." As we were waiting for the doctor to get back, Alann starts getting phone calls. His mom somehow got locked out in the garage. (We have since figured out that little hands can reach and turn the lock on the garage door.) Luckily, Claire was sleeping. We got our neighbors over to let her back in the house. It made waiting for the doctor much less boring. Finally the doctor came in, we pushed a few times, and Alex joined us in the world, two hours ahead of schedule- 10:03pm. It was great. He's a short fat kid- 8 lbs, 13 oz, only 19" long. But he is sweet and cute. He is a cuddler so far. He has blond curly hair and most likely blue eyes. I felt a little light headed after the delivery, so the doctor gave me anti-bleeding meds. And I didn't bleed like with Claire. That was great. I had pretty attentive nurses, Alex is eating well, and I'm not in too much pain. Now, onto the pictures!

First, some comparisons.

Alex's ride home. Slept the whole way.

Claire's ride home- screamed the whole time.

Claire's nursery pic.

Alex's nursery pic.

t-minus one hour. Didn't know it at the time. I was just SO hot. It was awful.

My big boy.

Mommy and baby

The proud papa.

Cute blond hair.

Claire and her new baby brother.

She would not stop touching him.

My sweet family.

Kisses for brother.

Getting ready to go home.

She ran around babbling and pointing at him.

And wanted to hold him. For about 10 seconds. Then she pushed him off.

Claire has been adjusting well I think. She is still in his face a lot. She wants to be near him. She also doesn't understand not to push him, pull of his blanket, or try and lift him by herself. But we are working on it. She is mostly a sweet girl.

I am very grateful to have Grandma here to help though. Just trying to keep Claire occupied while Alex needs something is scary enough. I'm a little scared for when Grandma goes home. Luckily, she is staying a while longer. Thanks for the help Deb! I really appreciate it.

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