Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby news

So, Alex is stubborn. Apparently almost as or more so than his sister. His sister insisted she be born when she wanted, by putting a hole in the membranes. He refuses to be born until he says so. I'm at 40 weeks today. I had a long 2 hour appointment at the doctor's office today. Everything looks fine, but I'm done. The doctor did an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels, which turned out to be in the normal range. He checked my cervix. Still absolutely closed. No change. I'm trying not to stress about it because I wasn't really open with Claire before I went into labor anyway and it progressed fine. Then they wanted to do fetal monitoring. I got to wear a big band on my belly and they put on the fetal heart rate monitor and the contraction monitor. I kind of laughed at the contraction monitor, but I was actually having a few while I sat there. Nothing major though. And I had to push a button every time he moved. For the first 20 minutes, Alex just slept. He didn't really move at all. So they told me to drink some cold water. Nothing. A few minutes later, they brought me some juice. After I drank that, he woke up and started moving around, which satisfied them. So I ended up in the monitor room for about an hour. Then, when the nurse took the strip to show the doctor, he was missing. Turns out, he ran out to do an emergency c-section without telling his office nurses. But I do have an end in sight. Monday morning I go in again for more monitoring and an ultrasound with the technician to check fluid levels. If things look bad, we will induce immediately. If they look okay, I go in Tuesday night to be induced. Woohoo. I'm so not excited. I want this thing to be over with, but I would like it to be on my terms. The doc told me that if they induce me and my cervix doesn't cooperate, then I have a 30% chance of c-section. Also, on a slightly unrelated topic, labor and delivery is totally booked next week with planned c-sections and inductions. But, if I don't go into labor before then, I "medically" bump an elective because I'll be at 41 weeks and am therefore more important. So that is the update. We will have a baby by next Wednesday one way or another. I'm hoping and praying he will come sooner than that. (Have I mentioned I am so over being pregnant?)


Shannon said...

It's always nice to have answers and a definite end in sight. By next Wednesday for sure. I'm hoping you will go sooner than that too. Being induced isn't so bad. I thought it was kind of nice with Davin. I got all ready and we went to the hospital and it was almost like a date. :) By that night I had a baby. I understand why you would prefer to go into labor on your own though. Let me know if there's any news!!!

MommaKAS said...

You say you are so over being pregnant? Gee, we couldn't tell. You should have said something. (HA HA HA HA!)

I hope Alex decides to stop showing his stubborn genes (and you can't expect him NOT to have those, can you?) and gets born soon.

Teene said...

I realized last night I have only seen maybe 3 baby bump pictures of Alex. I got a ton with Claire - what's up with that? You look good btw :) Maybe he is waiting for the "perfect" day :)the 16th sounds nice. Hugs and Love!