Sunday, September 19, 2010


Poor Alex gets so little blog time. His darn sister is just so much Demanding, needy, upfront, in your face. Love her to pieces, but I don't want to talk about her today. I want to talk about my baby Alex. He is such a sweet guy. He is four months old now. How time flies. He is just as sweet as they come. The last few weeks have seen a sudden boom in his skills. It seems like all of a sudden he rolls on purpose. I found him sleeping on his face a few times. And he can do tummy time for at least 20 minutes. He is starting to bounce a bit and scoot forward a bit. He will probably be crawling very shortly. I was worried about our nursing for a while, but he seems to be back in the hang of it. I realized his arm gets in the way, so I've started tucking it under my arm and that seems to help. It also helps me hold onto him so he can't run away. I hadn't been doing that before because he was so stiff for so long. He hated having his arm pulled away from his body. But now he is okay with it so that works for us. He is also a lot more solid lately. He was pretty floppy there for a while, even though he could hold his head up pretty well. But now he doesn't flop as much when you hold him. He is working on sitting up. We aren't quite there yet. But he does like to sit in the Bumbo.
He's a very social fella. He just loves to have people talk to him. He just talks and talks and talks. And he is SO ticklish. Poor boy. He will be tortured for that. It's fun to tickle his ribs and listen to him laugh. When we moved, we set up the jumpy for him. He loves to hang out in there. He loves to stand these days, and my arms get tired, so I love having a place where he can stand and play with the toys. And he really "got" the idea of the toys right away. He started grabbing at the toys and playing with them as soon as I put him in it. He has really come around to toys in general lately. He likes to look at them and hold them in his hands. There is a dangly ball on one of his baby toys and he grabs at it and bats at it. He has started putting things in his mouth lately too. He loves to grab my hair and chew on it. He does that to get back at me for tickling him. And he is starting to show interest in our food. Not that he is eating anything yet, but he does watch and likes to be near us during meals. Usually because the stinker wants to eat the same time I do. But I think it's also the social standpoint.
He has started clinging a bit more when you hold him. Claire I swear only starting really grabbing on in the last few months. He already holds on and is always grabbing my shirt when I try to put him down.
He hates the car seat. If he is in the car seat, he wants to have something in his hand. We have a stuffed "very hungry caterpillar" who we call squishy. I've been hanging it on his seat because he loves to play with it, but he also likes to hold onto the rings. If a toy isn't available, he also will snuggle his burp cloth or a blanket.

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MommaKAS said...

So glad to see my grandson gets some blog time. Can't wait to see him again!