Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Funny but true

The kids windows face east. There are blinds but there is still a lot of light. I was planning on making curtains but found some at walmart for $6 a panel that are light blocking. Sweet. So i bought them. I came home and expected an easy install as there were already rods. Or so i thought. Turns out the valances were stapled to a piece of wood. Sorry debbie, we ruined your valances. We took the fabric off and just stapled the new panels to the wood and put them back up. Here's the funny part. As we started taking off the old valances, i managed to stab myself with the screwdriver (as i was prying up a staple) and so i said "ow!" Claire took my screwdriver, stabbed at the fabric, and also said "ow!" She is my little mimic. Long story short, 90 minutes, one bleeding cut, three trips to the basement, and two overly tired kids later, we have new curtains. They look great. Now we will see how they work.


Shannon said...

Hooray for light blocking curtains! We can't live without them around here. That's a pretty great deal you got on them too. Good job!

Debbie said...

What? you redid the curtains? They were heirlooms ... whatever will I do? Ok ... I really don't care - glad that you got such a great deal!