Friday, December 31, 2010

Pictures from Phoenix

Making cookies with Teene and Amy

At the Aquarium

chilling at the aquarium

I'm a fish!


Aw aren't we sweet?

Loves the carousel
This is the day he learned how to splash.

Aunt Teene taught Claire how to play fort.

Alex was not in here willingly. Claire forced him. Everytime he tried to leave, she drug him back.

Being cute at Great Grandma's

"I'm singing with a cane, just singing with a cane!" Yes, she did think it was a microphone. Still not sure where she saw a microphone at.

Then we played the push-over game.

Everyone had a turn.

Taking pictures!

Or talking on the phone. Whatever.

Hey, only Alex isn't looking! I'll take it!

My mom's desk- also makes a handy book nook.

She was obsessed with sitting in small things during the trip.
And there you have our phoenix trip in a condensed version.

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Teene said...

You are welcome for the fort game :)