Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm bored

I decided whenever I am bored and start aimlessly searching the internet, I should post something on my blog instead. That would be more creative and useful. Now I just need to think of something to write about. I guess I'll start with the hard stuff. I started going to a Bible Study group at another church in town. Two ladies from our ward go, and invited me to attend to. I'm actually really glad they did. For one, it's two hours of FREE child care. I can't argue with that. We are reading "Power of a Praying Woman" and the book is pretty good. But we hit a hard topic- for me anyway. Forgiveness. Starting Wednesday during class and into Weds night, I was feeling pretty beaten up about some unforgiveness and bitterness I've been harboring. I want to share the story, but it involves family members, so I'm not sure it's appropriate. I guess it's something to write somewhere in a journal no one but my great great great grandkids will ever read. Anyway, I was already dealing with that emotional rollar coaster and didn't sleep well Weds night. Then Thursday at playgroup, one of the two friends that I really have here told me she is probably moving. Most likely moving. Okay, they are really going to move. I'm having a hard time accepting this. See, the other of my two friends is moving at the end of this month. And now this one is moving probably in October sometime. So then I will have no one. And what hurts even more than knowing I will be alone, is knowing that poor Claire will be alone. These ladies happen to be the moms of Claire's favorite friends. Some days, sometimes several times a day, she asks if she can play with these two friends. We see them twice a week already with church and then playgroup. But she still asks. So my heart hurts knowing that she will be sad. One of the benefits of the kids getting older is that they can communicate more clearly. And Claire definitely knows when to use "sad" as a feeling description. She will be the oldest in the Nursery class. I was planning on asking the Primary to move her up after her birthday, so she would be with her two friends who will age out to sunbeams, instead of be in the nursery class for a whole second year as the oldest and only oldest, but now there is no reason to. She doesn't know anyone else in the sunbeam class. I don't even know if there is a sunbeam class actually. So Thursday was pretty hard. I'll admit, I've been very upset. I was just starting to get into the groove of things. We've been going to storytime on Tuesdays and Bible study on Weds and playgroup on Thurs. But now there will be no more playgroup because we are the only ones. Yet another reason I wish I had kept Grant around. At least he would be one more playmate. So finding a preschool is top of my list for her. She needs the socialization more than the academics. She just loves kids and being around people. I'm afraid I can't supply all that she needs in that respect.
But, something did bring me joy today, even in the midst of my heartache. We were in the car driving home and I turned on our Sesame Street DVD. The clip with "Elmo's song" came on and the kids immediately started singing. Alex was singing the "la la la" parts and Claire was singing the words and some of the la las. It was so cute and so funny. I don't know where they get their musical talent. Must be from Daddy's side. They also LOVE to dance. Alex has learned how to turn on my clock radio and he runs over first thing when he gets up and turns it on to start dancing. It's great.
Another new thing- Alex is starting to babble with new sounds. He started "reading" to himself too. He sits and turns the pages of the book and babbles the whole time. The funny thing is that his "Reading" voice is different than his talking voice. It is much softer and sing-songy, almost like he is imitating the way I read to him. Which I'm sure he is.
Claire has discovered her imagination. She has started really getting into pretending. The other day at dinner we were sitting there and she suddenly leaned over and started petting Alann's arm. Alann asked what she was doing and she said "Daddy Kitty. Nice Daddy". Alann said "I'm a kitty?" She said "Yes" and petted his arm a few times and then went back to eating. Alann looked at me and said "when did she start pretending?" Alex chimed in with blada blada blada in his new babble noises and I said "Oh, about two weeks ago when he started doing that."

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