Friday, October 14, 2011

Funny kids

My kids just get cuter every day. I propose they are the best. But I'm probably biased.
Claire lately has started talking a whole lot. And singing along with songs. And she had her first major accident. We were at the grocery store and I told her to jump out of the van. She usually holds my hand and jumps out. That day, she insisted on holding the handle by the door. So I let her. She held the handle, jumped out, and instead of letting go of the handle, she swung around the pivot her hand made and smacked face first into the frame of the van. She chipped the corner of her front tooth off, and left a white mark on the frame of my van. She started crying, I was of course very worried, and called the dentist. They referred me to a pediatric dentist in Jefferson City- about an hour and a half from our house. So we made an emergency appointment and drove out there. Did I mention it was my birthday? Yeah. Not what I really wanted to do on my birthday. But that's ok. She did really well at her appointment. She sat in my lap at first while the nurse examined her teeth. Then she sat in the chair by herself so she could get the x-rays done. The doctor examined her tooth and told us to watch it. It isn't fractured, it's just chipped off. It doesn't seem to bother her very much. She hasn't complained about it too much since then. He didn't grind it either. He didn't want to scare her. But overall, the cleaning and everything went well. I totally blamed myself for the entire incident also. I often worry that Claire will bust her teeth, because she often smacks her mouth on this. This time she did. So I guess I can stop worrying about it now. =)
Alex is starting to use real words more often. He still uses his sound language a lot. He just makes sounds with his mouth. Instead of sucker or candy, he makes a sucking/clicking noise with his mouth. He also makes a slurping noise for drink. And the dogs are "barks". And his blanket is his "mimi". He has also started using that toddler gibberish that involves lots of b and g sounds. And so Claire has reverted to using it too. I sometimes wonder if she is actually talking to him in it, or just blabbering back at him. The other day, Claire and I were sitting on the couch and Alex was running around. I saw him grab the baby monitor which was out from his nap, but didn't think anything of it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he hit me, probably as hard as he could, right over the eye with the monitor. It hurts so bad it made me sob. So I fall over and am crying and he starts in with the siren wail. So I have to stop myself to comfort him because he is so upset. It was ridiculous. I was afraid I would have a major bruise, but luckily it's more of a lump than a discoloration. For now anyway.
The kids also like to wrestle. It's still mostly gentle hugging and rolling around on the ground. I'm just waiting for the day it involves hitting and screaming.
Today at dinner, Alex leaned over and caressed Claire's cheek. She leaned in and he hugged her head and she said "wuv you too." It was quite darling. They repeated this for a good 3 minutes. I guess she sees me do that to him. he has started grabbing me by the hair and pulling me in for hugs, and I usually say "I love you too", because I figure that's what he means.
I know I had other stories to tell, but have forgotten them now that I sat down to write. Oh well, some other time.
Otherwise, I'm making myself crazy trying to get ready for the craft show I signed up for. I have lots to do and little time. But Alann has been generous is watching the kids so I can get some work done during the day. I'm hoping the rest of it will go quickly. I only have a giant stack of burp cloths to sew, and a handful of blankets. That's what I really want to get done. I think that will be enough.

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