Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some more Claire milestones

I did forget a few things.
Claire is officially not taking naps anymore. I put her in her room everyday for an hour or so, but 6 days of the week, she just doesn't sleep. She plays and has a good time and mostly stays in her room. I made her some special naptime toys too. She has some pom-poms, some pipe cleaners, some chain-together jewelry (something I found at the dollar store) and some wooden blocks and some containers to put and take the stuff out of. She really likes playing with it. Now I just need to make sure I change it up often enough to keep her interested. She also usually takes some ponies or barbies with her, so she has someone to talk to.
She is also officially potty-trained. She does really well peeing on the potty. For the most part, she refuses to poop on it, but most of the time she poops in her naptime pull-up, so it's an okay compromise. The trick was that I finally just washed my hands of it all.I put her in panties and told her she was in charge of keeping them dry. She peed on herself a few times and came crying to me and I said "well Claire, who's job is it to keep them dry?" She cleaned up the mess and got herself new clothes (with my supervision of course) and then started using the potty pretty regularly. She even gets up from doing things and goes to the potty. I ask if she needs to go before we leave the house, but I don't force it. I ask if it's been a while, but for the most part, she just goes when she needs to go, which is surprisingly few times a day. Like 4. Apparently, the child has a giant bladder (I am not surprised by this actually). I accept that places have public restrooms, and we've even made a pit stop at the gas station once, and that works for me. Much better than trying to force the kid to go potty.
This is what I really don't get though. She can pull her pants down, sit on the kiddy potty, go pee, wipe, empty the kiddy potty (much against my advice, warnings, threatenings and general angst), rinse it out, put it back together, but cannot for the life of her figure out how to put her pants back on. Seriously. That's like the easiest thing in my opinion. But she just can't or won't do it. Whatever. At least I'm only going through one pull-up and one nighttime diaper a day with her now. It's SO nice to only have one kid in diapers. I'm really hoping Alex potty trains soon. He often goes in the potty with Claire when she says she has to go.

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Summer W. said...

That is so great that Claire is potty trained :)