Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Goal recap.

Time for my annual checkup on goals.

Personal goals: 1) Blog more- nope. Total fail. I’ve blogged even less.

2) Lose 30 pounds. Okay, I never reached 140 (my goal from last year) or 150- my “easy” weight, but I did hit 159 before we decided it was time to try for another baby. And I’m okay with that. I feel a lot better about my health in general this year. I took up running in May and have run pretty consistently 3 times a week since then, minus when I’ve been sick (aka the never ending cold that lasted for 6 weeks). I realized one night at church for an activity that I felt great. I needed something from the opposite end of the building that I was on. I ran to the other end of the building and back without feeling winded. I also did a few rounds of P90X with Alann. That was not fun, but it was nice at the same time. I enjoyed spending time with him in the mornings and also lost some good inches in places. I still am a pretty slow runner and I haven’t done over 2 miles, but it seemed like every time I was ready to go for 3 miles, something happened- I would get sick or injured and need to take a week off. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m still out there running, but I’m also having a LOT more harder days, and I’m okay with that too. I understand that just being pregnant is difficult. As my professor said one time to make someone back off her “I’m giving life here!” I can’t expect everything. I’m happy for a relatively easy pregnancy with few negative effects. The few I have I will deal with.

3) Keep a journal. I’m doing okay at the kids’ journals. I write in them every few months or so. I don’t keep a personal journal though.

4) Learn to make soap. Woohoo! I did this one. And I love it! Some ladies at Relief Society knew I was interested in learning and asked if I would teach a class. So I had to learn so I could teach it. I’ve really enjoyed it. I make my own shampoo now, my own facial soap, and fabulous body soap. I like the whole process. And it’s fun to think “I did this!”

5) Finish old projects before starting new ones- This is forever my weak point. I operate best under deadlines, so whichever project is most important for a date I do first. This year I have finished several old projects- Alann’s quilt for one. But I have picked up several new ones. I have a problem with wanting to do stuff, then not getting around to it. I’ve got several skirts to make for myself that I’m not bothering with now that I am pregnant. I’ll do it next year. I am still working on Claire’s quiet book. But I have several pages done that I just need to buttonhole to put in the book. And my new machine does automatic one step button holes! I’m way excited to try it out. That will make things much easier. That’s the step I dread the most for some reason. I’m planning on taking the QB with me to Phoenix so I can work on it when I have time. I have lots of hand work to do with it.

6) Lumped in there was being more intentional with Claire. I was not too good about that. I have a program, but it involves printing and preparation and I just don’t want to do that kind of stuff. My time is so limited sans kiddos that I want to do something that I like. I do have a workbook for her. We just haven't looked at it yet.

Religious goals:

1) Scriptures- I wanted to read the book of Mormon and bible. I did finish the book of Mormon and started the Bible at the beginning of the Old Testament. I’m following the chronological breakdown I found for reading the whole thing in a year. I’m on day..90? In my defense, I didn’t start until May. That doesn’t make it much better does it? Well, I’ve been reading it along with a commentary Alann has that has been really helpful. I feel like while I may not be as far along as I want, I have made significant progress and I really understand what I have read. I’m in Joshua I think. And then, in the beginning of December, I changed my mind. I decided for Christmas I wanted to read the birth of Christ. After I did that, I thought “wouldn’t it be awesome to read Christ’s whole life before Easter?” So that’s what I’m working on now. I’ve got Alann’s New Testament commentary that actually has the scriptures in it, so it’s just one book, instead of my scriptures and the commentary. It’s been really nice. Again, I feel like I’m really understanding it. And it’s something I’ve never done. I think. And now our Stake President wants us to read the book of Mormon before Easter as well. So I’m dedicating myself to reading more. I’ll be spending about 20 minutes on the Bible and about 20 on the Book of Mormon every day. That’s my plan.

2) Personal Progress- nope. Didn’t even do one thing. Yikes.

3) Temple- we went a few times this year. But nowhere near the goal.

4) FHE- nope.


The business really fell by the wayside. I’ve still made sales, and I did that craft show, but in general, it hasn’t been a priority.I had a "real" job for a few months, then Alann hired me to write the blog for his business. So my free time has been had by a job of some sort at least a few times a week. When I sit down for some me time, sewing for the business isn't something I wanted to do.

House goals:

1) Schedule. I’ve kept up with my schedule fairly decently. The house stays pretty nice I think. It’s not as deeply cleaned as I would like sometimes, but it’s all I can do keeping up with 3 floors, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. I have done pretty good about keeping the kitchen clean most of the time. I would say 25 days out of the month, I go to bed with a clean kitchen. It helps that Alann is home in the evenings and is willing to help out. It makes it much easier. And I am also motivated by the fact that it is so much easier in the morning to start with a clean slate- clean counters, clean dishwasher, etc.

2) House binder- I tried the binder. It didn’t work. I switched to a clipboard and that worked better. I have everything I need on one sheet on the front of the clipboard. The cleaning schedule and space for notes and appointments. I keep the meal plan on the fridge.

3) Finances- bills get paid. I’m still not keeping up as much as I would like or should, but the bills get paid.

So that’s my recap. I’ll post my goals for the new year separately.

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