Thursday, January 5, 2012

Backpack Backpack. I'm the backpack loaded up...

I've been thinking about making a backpack for Alex for a while. We have one. It's rather small. It's actually a backpack/leash. I've only used the leash part once or twice with Claire. Surprisingly, in public, she is mostly tame and listens and stays near me. Last time we flew was March 2010. Alex wasn't even a year old and wasn't walking yet. But Claire carried her little black backpack that had a few toys in it and used it a little bit on the airplane. Mostly, I carried it for her (to be expected). Lately, Alex has been getting upset when Claire has something he doesn't. Sometimes, we share. Sometimes I just make them deal with it. But I knew eventually we would need two little backpacks. So I had some fabric picked out and a pattern printed, then got busy with other things. Well when our trip to Phoenix came up, I wanted to finish the backpack if possible. And I knew Claire would get upset if I made Alex one and not her. Since she's been into Dora lately, I made her a purple backpack. I had another fabric picked out, but then we got hte Dora doll and I knew we needed the matching backpack. Since I had purple fabric on hand, it wasn't an issue. As Claire pointed out to me, the backpack doesn't have a mouth. But she seems to like it. We had to make a map, and then her little Dora doll needed a backpack too, because it didn't come with one. And a small map. But now everyone has a map. Except Alex, which Claire tells me he needs one. I started with Claire's and worked out all the kinks, since hers was rather simple and I had plenty of scrap purple fabric in case of mistakes.

Claire's backpack from the front. The red is a ribbon to help open the zipper.
Dora's matching backpack

Alex's backpack. I LOVE how it turned out.  

I had two very small strips of this airplane fabric. It's actually from a baby blanket I made for my professor when I was in school. I've been holding onto these two 5" scraps for years. But I finally figured out a great use for them. I love the vintage look and the old-time airplanes. I just think they scream BOY! So I had to work very carefully. I very specifically centered this red airplane for the pocket. Luckily, it didn't take nearly as long to make Alex's backpack since I had figured out most of it for Claire's. The straps were really the worst part. They gave me the most trouble, just because I've never made a backpack before and had to figure out how to set up the straps so they worked right.

This is the top zipper of the backpack. I'm quite proud of how it turned out. I got the airplanes lined up perfectly and it only took two tries. =)
And the straps. Again, I had to carefully position the pattern to get the airplanes.
Overall I am quite pleased with how these turned out. I especially love that I was able to start and finish them both in less than a week, as long as you don't count that 3 months the fabric and pattern sat in my room. =)
I'm really hoping these work out. They look a little large in the photos, but they really fit the kids well. I'm hoping to put all the toys and maybe snacks for the kids in their backpacks for the flight, that way my bag is free for oh I don't stuff?? In a way, I'm really looking forward to this flight/trip. I'm actually contemplating NOT taking the double stroller. I haven't decided on that yet though. I may chicken out and take it "just in case". But we haven't really used it in a while. Alex and Claire are pretty good about walking wherever we go, and we don't have any long excursions planned that I know of. It's not THAT far from the gate to the planes in St Louis. It's just Phoenix that might be trouble.


tracyp said...

You are amazing....I love that Dora has a backpack also.

Becca said...

Claire was quite insistent that Dora needed a backpack too. I really had no choice in the matter. =)