Friday, June 22, 2012

Worst June ever

Not going to lie- I will be glad when this month is OVER! It has been just one thing after another it seems. On top of being 9 months pregnant, which I of course expected and anticipated, it's been ridiculously hot and humid. That makes it so much harder to do anything.
The month started with a bang. Or more like a slow leak. The bang came later. On the way out to St Louis one day, the "tire pressure warning light" thingie came on. Basically it tells me my tires aren't even. My tires are relatively new, and filled with nitrogen. Since I was going past the tire shop anyway, I thought I would stop and get them filled/checked. Well, it was Saturday and they weren't open.  I tried to stop at a gas station and fill them, but they didn't have an air compressor. Why don't gas stations have those anymore? So I kind of forgot and went on my merry way. We got home and all seemed well. Sunday, we start to leave for church, and hear this weird noise. The tire is utterly flat. We didn't even get to the end of the street and then back to the house, but by the time we got back, the damage was done. The tire was destroyed. That one was my fault. After a lot of drama, including ordering a tire from the east coast and trying to find a substitute, we got a new tire on Tuesday.
After that, I have just been rather irritable. Claire has been playing tee-ball, which she liked, but it was slightly tough on me. Just another random scheduled thing to throw in the mix. And it's been hot. Did I mention that I don't do heat well on a regular basis, let alone when pregnant? Claire has been exceedingly trying lately as well. She has just been pushing the boundaries often. And usually dragging Alex along with her.
And then last Friday, driving on the freeway, we hit some random junk and blew yet another tire! (That was the bang.) I just sat there and cried while Alann changed the tire to the spare. Again. At least we had some practice in the driveway from a few weeks ago. Then I called and they were able to get a new tire relatively quickly this time for some reason. I took the car in Monday to get the new tire and the poor guy was so confused. He kept looking for the tire and asking for some verification that I had called. Apparently, in the confusion of calling form the car on the side of the freeway, I had called the other shop, not the one I had used the first time. It wasn't too big of a deal, I just drove down to the other shop, and they changed my tire. And checked out the car. The power steering is leaking, probably from the belts blowing up a few months ago. Yay. Another repair. Ugh. So frustrating.
My OB appointments have been going well. She made it sound like she would induce me this last week- on the 18th. So we talked to Grandma and got her to come out a bit earlier so we would be covered. And then, I went in, and she had changed her mind. I was so distraught. Tuesday the 19th I had contractions starting at 3pm until about 10am the next day. And then they stopped. And haven't started again. Baby will likely be born on the 27th, when I go in for induction, or at the latest on the 28th when they give me a c-section. I'm okay with that, because I REFUSE to have a July baby. Nothing against July babies. I just refuse to still be pregnant come July.
And then there is Alex. My poor boy. I always thought Claire would be my emergency medicine kid. Nope. The score is currently Alex:3, Claire: 1. Thursday evening, Alex and Claire were jumping on the trampoline with Grandma and the neighbor girl. Grandma was sitting and the kids were running around and the neighbor girl got a little overly excited. She is 15, but often makes me think she is 5. She bounced very high and Alex got caught in the rebound. He flew about 2' in the air, landed on his feet and immediately fell onto his stomach. When he got up, he was crying and I thought he had bonked his nose. But he kept saying his leg hurt, his knee hurt. So I held him and got him some ice and figured he would be fine. But he refused to walk on it and just wanted me to hold him for about an hour. Then he started using it a little bit, but was still favoring it. This morning (Friday), he got up and was still not using it. I called the doctor and described the problem and she wanted us to come in. We made the trek out to the doctor. She said it was probably a toddler's fracture and referred us to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in kids. Only problem: appointment was at 3pm, about 15 minutes away from where we were, and it was only 11am. So we came home and ate lunch and headed out yet again. It was a lot of driving! Alex did pretty well at the appointment. At the pediatrician's, he wanted me to hold his hand and wouldn't let me leave him. But at the orthopedist's, he let me leave the room while they did the x-ray. He was pretty interested in what the guy was doing anyway. After the x-ray, we talked to the nurse and then the doctor. He laid still and let them look at his leg. They couldn't see a fracture on the x-ray, but the bones are pretty soft so they tend to break and then line back up so you can't see them until they start healing. He recommended a cast, because these kinds of fractures are common in kids. So we let them put him in a cast. He will be in a cast for 3 weeks. The doc said that if it is a fracture, than just having the cast should make him feel better because it won't hurt anymore. And after the cast was put on, he did seem a bit happier. He's been understandably cranky today. He even came down the stairs without help (or asking, because he had already been put to bed). On the way home, we stopped for dinner since it was such a LONG day. We had Chick Fil-A and they played in the play place a bit. He is being really really needy too. He wants me to carry him and help him with everything. It's only the first day, but I am encouraging him to do things for himself. Sometimes, I have to just set him down and give him a toy and walk away. If he wants something else, he finds a way to get it. As far as his cast goes, we got the waterproof cast, so he can bathe and get wet. He will have it for 3 weeks, then they will x-ray again and take it off. We will know then if he had a fracture or just a sprain. The healing bone will show on the x-ray where the new fracture didn't. Alann is teasing me that I won't get to hold Elizabeth for the first few weeks of her life, because I will constantly be holding Alex. It's probably true. I'm trying not to be upset about the whole situation. Honestly, this week has not gone the way I planned. I wanted to have a baby, not a toddler in a full leg cast. It's been nice having Grandma around, but I always feel guilty about having her around without having the baby. Why can't my babies cooperate, just once in their lives?
Anyway, it's been a long day. I'm going to go to bed, and hope and pray that the baby will come soon.

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