Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grandma's funeral

My very elderly grandmother passed away in December. She was awesome. Her name was Katherine, but I didn't know that until I was much older. As long as I remember her, she was always a little cuckoo, but in a good way. She loved us and and always wanted to help us. I remember spending a week in the summer with them a few times. They always lived in a 55+ community, with a pool and a changing room with fun (to an 8 year old) showers for after the pool. She always wore a shower cap when we would clean up after the pool. She was a tiny little thing. Since I moved away from az, I didn't see her as often as I wanted. We never really saw them too much, but I did miss that part of the holidays when I left. My grandfather Russell died about 5 years ago. I know I didn't appreciate them as much as I should have. They were always very old though. My grandma was 90+ when she died.
Luckily, we happened to be in Cali the weekend of the funeral for grandma. So Friday night we left yucaipa and drove to Blythe. We stayed there for the night and drove to wickenburg the next day. It was a simple service but a nice chance to see my uncle and aunt and cousin who I haven't seen since Teene's wedding or earlier. I'm glad my mother in law guilted me into going. I was considering not because I was supposed to be with them, not in az. But in the end, glad we went. It was a ridiculously short trip and baby was not happy with the car ride, but in the end it worked out okay.
And thats all she wrote. I have one more grandmother, but it's my mom's biological mother (she was adopted), and while I send cards and we keep in touch, I've never met her. So in essence, that generation of my family is finished. I'm still trying to process that. At least I know the truth of the gospel. While I may have questions about the interim, I know that in the end, we can all be a family again. I'll see grandma and grandpa and be able to talk and love them again. I know that Christ lives and has opened the door for the resurrection and eternal life of man.
When I heard grandma was sick, I prayed for peace, and I honestly received it. I knew that if she got better, great. If not, it was OK. She hung on for a long time, longer than anyone expected, but its OK. She lived a good full life. One of my favorite pieces of advice she gave me was to date a lot of boys and not get married until I was 30.  (Though in her crazy ways, she gave my sisters almost opposite advice. We haven't figured that out yet.)

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