Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The kids are both napping. I suppose I should be cleaning, but I'm not.

The in-laws visited last week. Alann's parents came out from Missouri and his sister and her baby flew in from Florida for a few days. It was good to see them all. So I've been neglecting my blog again so that I could spend time with them and keep the house clean and prepare for watching Jocee and make sure Claire got enough mommy-time.

Here is Claire and her cousin Andrew. He is almost as tall as her, but she weighs 2 pounds more, and is obviously a chunk compared to him.

Here is the proud Grandma and her two babies. Steph took one of Grandpa and the kiddos, but I haven't seen it on facebook yet.

Here we all are together. Except for Steph's hubby. He couldn't get away from Florida. Something about a job or something...

Here is Claire and a few of her second cousins- Jensen, Claire, Will, and Andrew. She makes them cry.

I love this picture. We were trying to take pictures of the kids together, and all of a sudden, she just face plants. No apparent reason. Then she just laid there like this. She didn't even try to move. Silly girl.

So it was fun to see the family. We got to see both the Sev side and the Dodson side. I always mean to spend more time with them, and then that life thing gets in the way.

Now, I am watching Jocee, my friend's two year old. She is fun. Claire is way jealous. Every toy that Jocee plays with, Claire wants. Every time Claire trys to take something, Jocee says "mine". Claire had a hard time yesterday not being alone with me. By the end of the day, she was grabbing me and trying to climb up me. She also didn't nap well at all. I'm hoping today goes better. We went to the gym and I put her in the day care there so I could work out. She apparently cried most of the time. I don't know if I should have just not done it since she had a rough day, or if I should just keep doing it to get her used to it and a little less clingy. She is getting super clingy already. She still goes to Daddy and loves to be with him, but a lot of other people she doesn't want to go near. She screamed when she saw Julie at the Sev reunion. We left her with Julie a while ago, and she woke up after she had gone to sleep and screamed and cried for an hour. When we got back two hours later, she was still sniffling in her sleep. It was apparently very traumatic, because the second Julie held her at the reunion, she started screaming. Julie couldn't even come close or she would start to pout, then cry, even if I was holding her. Though she was luckily ok with Grandma, and she LOVED Grandpa. So I am hoping that hanging out with Jocee will help her be ok with more people. Though I am still not sure what to do about the gym. The best thing for me is to go right after Jocee gets picked up (sometime after 3). Early morning just isn't going to happen. So I can drop her at the day care, I just feel bad if she screams the whole time. So I don't know what to do. I guess we will figure something out.


jhainesfam said...

Maybe we could take Claire once a week maybe twice so you can work out. I don't know if she would do better w/ us or at the gym day care. She may have had enough of Jocee by then.

Ginny said...

Is taking her to the gym daycare new along with watching Jocee? Maybe it's too much new for her all at once? Getting out to the gym is a great thing to do for yourself, give Claire some time to adjust cause you deserve it!

Becca said...

Yeah the gym is new too. I didn't go today. I'm thinking of asking my friend to watch her tomorrow. Then I'll skip Thursday and try the day care again on Friday. She has been so incredibly clingy this week. It's nice to know she loves me, but I miss my independent happy-go-lucky baby too.

DebSev said...

With a lot of new faces at the reunion and Jocee, she's probably a little unsure of what's going on. She'll calm down in a little while . . . I hope.

DebSev said...

Check out Steph's blog, she's posted the pict of the kids w/ Mark.